Tantra Festival, London.

14 – 15 October
” Heaven on Earth
– Dare to live in Ecstasy “

+ 11 12 October
@ Grow Heathrow

The story I want to share with you begins far before the actual festival.
As you may or may not read my previous travel log about the Yoga and Tantra day, where I’ve been to both Oxford’s and London’s Tara Yoga Centres and discovered the meaning of being a tantra practitioner <- this is how I found out about the Tantra Festival, happening very soon in London.

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Yoga & Tantra DAY!

30 September
Yoga & Tantra
Oxford + London

I decided to write this story as it is a typical manifestation of “luck”, “coincidence” and “fate” moments in my life. That’s when I have this feeling that everything is going as it is supposed to go, when it feels that I am in the right place, at the right time. 


On the early early morning of the last day of September I took the X90 bus from Marylebone, London to St Clements Street, Oxford. The student ticket with return cost 14 £ and the journey time is about 2h. Continue reading

First Hitch-hiking experience.

07 – 10 August
First hitch-hiking experience.
Augsburg -> Murnau am Staffelsee
+ Bavarian Mountains

On the Monday morning, 7th of August,
after having a breakfast together with my friend, Emil,
we started our journey to his home town – Murnau.

I am really grateful for having such an amazing and skilful partner and guide for my first hitch-hiking experience.  Continue reading

Graffiti at Hall of Fame

06 May
Legal Graffiti Event at Hall of Fame
+ about the organisers & one of the artists!

Organised and informed by the SWOP* team, a group of around 25 students gathered to witness and participate at the Legal Graffiti Event in Hall of Fame, Augsburg.


Getting there was adventurous and hilarious. Lots of explaining so if you’re not that into the details of my life, skip to the next paragraph. 😀  Continue reading

PLÄRRER Attraktionen

05 May
Augsburg – PLÄRRER Attraktionen
Apollo 13

Me and two of my friends on exchange here as well, from Odessa (Ukraine) Alyona Pencheva and Yuliia Bailiuk went on the night of Friday to see the spectacular firework right from the Augsburg’s annual Amusement Park Plärrer.


After being really indecisive about going to try out one of the attractions from the amusement park, Alyona joined me for a ride in the Apollo 13 while Yuliia filmed us! 😀

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BBQ + Meet & Greet – Lechbrücke

30 April
Student Dormitory “Lechbrücke”
BBQ + Meet & Greet


Around 4 pm students from the Lechbrücke dormitory gathered on the 19th floor to cook food on a barbecue.
When I joined the group I brought with me the Moldovan wine and served others. The astonishing views of Augsburg in the daylight from such altitude where first opened for me that day.  Continue reading

Party Tram

29 April
Augsburg – PARTY TRAM

In the evening of April’s last Saturday, over 100 students from Hochschule gathered at the Business, Design and Informatics Campus for an event created and organised by SWOP-team. The participation fee was 10 €.

There was beer and lots of pizza!
Unfortunately I didn’t want to pre-drink and the pizza wasn’t vegan so I found myself occupied and entertained by taking videos and photos of others.  Continue reading

Hiking the Alps of Germany

22 April
Hiking the Alps


Flintsbach, Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany
Mountain Petersberg & Hohe Asten

45 students gathered on the early morning of Saturday, 22nd of April at the Augsburg Central Train Station.
The reason – Hiking Trip to the Bavarian Alps
organised by the SWOP team
 the squad that creates events for Intrenational Students from Hochschule Augsburg University.

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Message Manipulation – VisCom

5 March
Hochschule Augsburg
Visual Communication

Chose one image with a slight alteration ->
create 10 different purposes and uses for it.


After analysing our work, we had a quick exercise to draw on sticky notes the tourist attractions that we can remember. Continue reading