Hiking the Alps of Germany

22 April
Hiking the Alps


Flintsbach, Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany
Mountain Petersberg & Hohe Asten

45 students gathered on the early morning of Saturday, 22nd of April at the Augsburg Central Train Station.
The reason – Hiking Trip to the Bavarian Alps
organised by the SWOP team
 the squad that creates events for Intrenational Students from Hochschule Augsburg University.

TRAIN (all day travel – 10€)

10:40  Augsburg Hbf -> Munich Hbf + Munich Hbf -> Flintsbach 12:40 

Note: The auto-focus noise and shaky camera might get a bit annoying.

The plan was to walk together for one hour and after that split up into two groups:
1. Mountain Petersberg – extra 15 minutes hiking, then lunch
2. Mountain Hohe Asten – extra 1 hour hiking, then lunch

Because I was taking pictures, I began to separate from the main group.
I found really hard and uncomfortable to carry the big camera on my neck while hiking up the mountain but it was worth it. I had the possibility to immortalise the beauty of all seasons that can be found in the same place: Spring with light rain, Summer with all the greenery, Autumn with crusty leaves and Winter with the snow.

click here for the

F U L L   I M A G E   G A L L E R Y

When we had to choose the path (shorter hiking distance or the longer one), even if a slight exhaust was felt throughout my body, I already was hyped up for more. The pain inside my muscles was giving me more strength and motivation to move on.

Being amazed of the beauty of nature, I was constantly getting further behind my group. The snow combined with fragile green plants and crusty brown leaves bewitched me.
Just thinking about this, life and death in the same place covered by innocence, by the pure white snow… snow that is warming and freezing in the same time. I can’t describe the beauty of what I’ve experienced in the full spectrum. The atmosphere was calming. It was so peaceful, harmonising, everything was TRUE.

NF_Hohe Asten_20


I was VERY lucky.
Chrissi Flörke and Tim Linder
– two members of the SWOP team stayed behind as well, so I didn’t get lost 😀
Their company was more than I could even dream of.
On our way we met Debbie Chang, a girl from our group. We took lots of pictures.


We finally got to the destination.
There, I spent some time alone, admiring the horses. In the stable… they were chained 😭.
I found a swing and plunged into reading from my kindle. When it became colder, I joined the other guys inside and had some fried potatoes, since salad felt not a very sustainable vegan option. The Restaurant was very atmospheric, the appearance and the way the staff was dressed – very Bavarian. I loved it.

On our way back we had a short snowball fight.
A snowball fight in the Mountains of Germany, in the middle of spring!

It is very hard not to notice that people, when they find themselves in the nature, they tend to be more positive, sociable, more welcoming. Everyone that was coming across our group was saluting us.

Against the weather forecast, that was promising rain all day, we had a mild rain at the end of our trip.

We took the train back to Munchen and than we had to run to get to the train that goes to Augsburg. I got home at past 10pm.

It was a great day!

click here for the

F U L L   I M A G E   G A L L E R Y


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