Message Manipulation – VisCom

5 March
Hochschule Augsburg
Visual Communication

Chose one image with a slight alteration ->
create 10 different purposes and uses for it.


After analysing our work, we had a quick exercise to draw on sticky notes the tourist attractions that we can remember.

We attached them to the wall and made guesses regarding what they are representing.

Followed by this exercise we analysed the Cultural Differences around the world. Everyone contributed and as a result we got this graph:


The Homework for next week:
Choose two countries
-> create 5 x Visual Representations of the Cultural Differences of both.
(two squares -13cm a side- next to each other)

Work over Easter Holiday

My choice was to show the cultural differences of
G E R M A N Y    &    M O L D O V A

germany vs moldova

P.S. Sketchbook work for both projects:



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