BBQ + Meet & Greet – Lechbrücke

30 April
Student Dormitory “Lechbrücke”
BBQ + Meet & Greet


Around 4 pm students from the Lechbrücke dormitory gathered on the 19th floor to cook food on a barbecue.
When I joined the group I brought with me the Moldovan wine and served others. The astonishing views of Augsburg in the daylight from such altitude where first opened for me that day.  Continue reading


Top Floor Terrace – PARTY

12 March

17192434_1264802756937299_3129979760072976998_oParty on the 19th floor
of Lechbrücke!

On 12th of March we had an Welcome party for all International Students.
It was a pre-drinking event on the top floor of Lechbrücke – the student accommodation where I am living at the moment. The purpose is to have fun, get to know more people and later go out together and dance at a local night club – Ostwerk. Continue reading