PLÄRRER Attraktionen

05 May
Augsburg – PLÄRRER Attraktionen
Apollo 13

Me and two of my friends on exchange here as well, from Odessa (Ukraine) Alyona Pencheva and Yuliia Bailiuk went on the night of Friday to see the spectacular firework right from the Augsburg’s annual Amusement Park Plärrer.


After being really indecisive about going to try out one of the attractions from the amusement park, Alyona joined me for a ride in the Apollo 13 while Yuliia filmed us! 😀

The ticket was 6 € , more than the amount they asked for the same attraction one week ago (4,50 €) but I suppose this was either because they prolonged the event and needed more finances to cover their expenses, or was caused by the night’s fireworks.

Apollo 13 is a giant booster. It is a fully themed booster with 55 meters of space in space, speeding up to 120 km / h. The acceleration is between 0G (weightlessness) and 5G (as in a rocket launch). Apollo 13 is fully themed with the world of space adventure: the entrance area with space shuttle box, space films, solar system and mission shots, briefing of the spaceman, astronaut lounge rest zone and dark parkours.

We were impressed to see children on Apollo 13 since at the entrance we got asked by a policeman to show our ID. Later, during my research on this particular attraction I found out that the minimum age allowed is 12 years and the minimum body height is 1,40 m.

My experience on the ride resumes to: IT WAS GREAT!
I must say that my friend’s presence next to me made me much more confident and less panicked (maybe). When we had to present our tickets I asked if there is any way I could keep mine as a memory but the lady just pulled it out of my hands, “schnell, schnell!”. I remember that we got on the seats that are designed to separate the legs and then the worker pushed the “barriers” on us and fixed them. I was excited about the ride, all happy and glowing… but the man that pushed the security lock was hurried and a bit brutal in my opinion. He pushed too much the barrier onto my body, I felt like I was getting squashed 😀 and when we got off the rides, he pushed roughly my legs so he could take of the barrier. I understand that they might be overly bored and unhappy, tired doing the same job over and over again, but I think the “fairytale” would’ve worked better if I would’ve been shown a bit more of respect and welcomeness. At the same time, I don’t think the astronauts are treated with gentle actions and smiles all the time, maybe the workers got into their theme role a bit too much. 🙂

This moment was forgotten as soon as we moved to the top of the attraction. It stopped so that people from the other side could get off and and get on the ride. The view was indescribable. The lights of the night were making Augsburg look mysterious and enchanting. After thinking a few times that the barrier could fail to keep me in the seat, the attraction started moving. The most scariest position for me was when we were “flying” with our body reversed. I was screaming at the start, then I thought about balancing myself and taking my emotions under control so I could record in my mind everything I experience. This failed because I thought that I will be better to enjoy the exciting fear and the adrenaline rushing through my body. What other times in the society you are allowed to SCREAM in the full voice?  This allowed me to feel free, my body left behind all the bad thoughts and the physical discomfort. I felt alive! So does fear make us feel alive?

In the rotation process of the Apollo 13, I could focus only on one fountain. In was large, round and well lit. When the movement began to speed up, Alyona told me to look at my legs. To be honest now I am not sure if she told me this because Yuliia was filming us from below or it was an advice on how to enjoy it with less “damage”, but it surely saved me from not knocking my head on a few potential occasions. I was shaking when we landed.

This is the video with me and my beautiful friends
at the Plärrer Amusement Park:


click here for the

F U L L   I M A G E   G A L L E R Y

And let me know what you think!


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