BBQ + Meet & Greet – Lechbrücke

30 April
Student Dormitory “Lechbrücke”
BBQ + Meet & Greet


Around 4 pm students from the Lechbrücke dormitory gathered on the 19th floor to cook food on a barbecue.
When I joined the group I brought with me the Moldovan wine and served others. The astonishing views of Augsburg in the daylight from such altitude where first opened for me that day. 

click here for the

F U L L   I M A G E   G A L L E R Y

Escaping the unwanted conversations about fried flesh, I plunged into reading and taking videos and photos from time to time. I got served with a delicious vegan apple pastry. The girl told me how to bake it but I don’t have an oven here… can’t wait to try it when I will have access to one.

I had fun and got to meet people that once were and those who currently are residents of Lechbrücke. I also got to know the tutors of our dormitory: Dino and Diana. They have great energy, are positive and intelligent. I laughed a lot at their jokes, amazing guys!


Later that day, around 8 pm, we had a presentation from Dino about our dormitory, floor speakers, tutors, rules, problems and solutions. The only minus is that if that talk was given two months ago, when I arrived, it would’ve been much more helpful. The reason is that they were waiting for the semester from the other, simple University to start as well, so there would be more people.

Afterwards we had a bit of party
where students got to know each other better.



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