PLÄRRER Attraktionen

05 May
Augsburg – PLÄRRER Attraktionen
Apollo 13

Me and two of my friends on exchange here as well, from Odessa (Ukraine) Alyona Pencheva and Yuliia Bailiuk went on the night of Friday to see the spectacular firework right from the Augsburg’s annual Amusement Park Plärrer.


After being really indecisive about going to try out one of the attractions from the amusement park, Alyona joined me for a ride in the Apollo 13 while Yuliia filmed us! 😀

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Plärrer Fireworks

21 April – 05 May
Augsburg – PLÄRRER Fireworks

The first time I noticed the fireworks from my window view, the second time I got on the top floor of my dormitory and recorded it from distance and the third time I saw it right from the Plärrer!


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