Party Tram

29 April
Augsburg – PARTY TRAM

In the evening of April’s last Saturday, over 100 students from Hochschule gathered at the Business, Design and Informatics Campus for an event created and organised by SWOP-team. The participation fee was 10 €.

There was beer and lots of pizza!
Unfortunately I didn’t want to pre-drink and the pizza wasn’t vegan so I found myself occupied and entertained by taking videos and photos of others. 

click here for the

F U L L   I M A G E   G A L L E R Y

I found lots of “secret” passages alongside my University, also stairs, that leaded to the last floor. They looked like a balcony, and the view was beautiful.


I knew that we will be guided to the tram, so while taking photos of passing by vehicles, I noticed a small tram that wasn’t moving.
As the darkness folded, I noticed that the organisers were running in turns to that tram and my guesses were confirmed, it was the tram we will be partying in!

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F U L L   I M A G E   G A L L E R Y

The turquoise wristbands given to those that paid were the entrance “ticket” for the party tram.
The organising team did a great job by covering the main tram lights with different coloured crepe paper. Thus, parts of the tram were defined by pink, yellow, blue and green light atmosphere. Soon enough, the tram began to move.
A quarter part of the party, I settled myself in a single-seat next to the window and the entrance. In this way I could balance and read the vibes around me.

One of my friends leaned through the students that were separating us, took my hand and that’s how I got to join my partying group. I had lots of fun and also opened the 2L sweet red wine that my family sent me from my home-country, Moldova, not long ago. I made sure everyone that I know and would like to try will get to have a sip and even some more of this heavenly beverage of 16% alcohol that tasted like grape juice!

The speakers were also added by the organising team and luckily the one that felt like a subwoofer was just right next to our group. The music was mostly mainstream and towards the end we had some spanish dancing rhythms.

As my camera was low on the battery, I recorded for a short time and enjoyed the dancing moves while moving through the tram:

There was other friends that I met in the tram and I joined them for some hot dancing movements, also got to try jagermeister, tequilla and cranberry vodka from different students.

The journey through Augsburg went for more than 2 hours. We had a short break in the middle of the party. At the end, when everyone got off the tram, we took group photos.

Afterwards on our plan was to go to Mo Club, the free entrance being already guaranteed. I heard they had great deals for drinks and really nice music, but I felt like I would like to be in the silence of the night some more time.
Thus, I offered to help the organising team with cleaning the tram. Haven’t done much because they already have sorted things by the time I got to them but I got to see the Student Office room.

After that we walked to the club. They went inside and I met another girl that joined me for the night walk towards our dormitory. This was needed after the loudness of the party in the tram.


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