Graffiti at Hall of Fame

06 May
Legal Graffiti Event at Hall of Fame
+ about the organisers & one of the artists!

Organised and informed by the SWOP* team, a group of around 25 students gathered to witness and participate at the Legal Graffiti Event in Hall of Fame, Augsburg.


Getting there was adventurous and hilarious. Lots of explaining so if you’re not that into the details of my life, skip to the next paragraph. 😀 

So! The official meeting point for those who wanted to participate at the Graffiti event was the Pyramid of Hochschule. Me and my friend, Alyona, agreed to wait for each other since I was getting late and she was living not far away from the place. I supposed that we will meet at the Pyramid, so, when the students from the event walked in the tram that I was in, I panicked. I found out the name of the station for the Graffiti event and I got off the second stop. Then, took the tram back to the Pyramid. When I arrived, Alyona explained me through a phone call that she is actually already at the place where the Graffiti event is. 😀 I took the tram and got off at the right stop, then… noticed that I forgot the memory card for my camera. :O Decided do go back home for it and Alyona joined me.

When I arrived at the event, the other students already sprayed some stuff on the walls:


and we got group photos:


After that, on our program was to go to a beer garden. Me and Alyona joined the group just to see what the place had to offer. The queue was long and it was hot, noisy and the seats reserved for us were already occupied, since there was a delay in our arrival.

I decided that I would enjoy myself more if I will go back to the Graffiti event and actually record and witness the creation of street art in action.


NF_Augsburg: May Jam 11

The event was created by a non-profit organisation called Die Bunten e.V.

As I understood from the event’s description, it is a returning project that the last time took place 5 years ago. (aka EasterJam)

More than 20 Graffiti Artists were invited to create simultaneously their artwork on the walls of Hall of Fame in Göggingen. This Legal Graffiti is devoted for the Wall next to the River.

click here for the

F U L L   I M A G E   G A L L E R Y

At the event, the organisers made sure to have an awning pavilion. There was music, drinks and barbecue.

NF_Augsburg: May Jam 20a
I ran around and took some pictures that you can view here.
I haven’t uploaded all the pictures as I understood that most of the artists don’t want to be known. I really enjoyed taking photos and noticing how some of them covered their faces, it gave an Illegal and Rebellious flavour to the event, to what I was doing (taking photos) and to my final outcomes.

Some of the works were finished, some of them I got to see blossoming and evolving as the time passed. I noticed a lot of “classical graffiti” – street art writings, but most of all I enjoyed the Images in Graffiti. Those were outstanding pieces of art.

One of my favourite works was made by
Marc Sund.
Here is his art blog-gallery:

NF_Augsburg: May Jam 06

He is a 35 years old artist from Rostock, based in Augsburg. He lived in Luxembourg and France as well. All his present works are signed with his name – Marc Sund, however some of his past creations have recorded his signature as “Asta”.

As you can notice from his Portfolio, most of his works depict the contemporary issues of our society. The way he manages to translate a powerful definite message in imagery and then to the viewers thoughts is amazing. Outstanding choice of colours works remarkably good in combination with an image filled with archetypes and symbolical representations of everyday things. His work is not easy and should not be easy to understand and describe. It plays the role of a trigger, a sparkle that can start a fire in our minds to make us question our everyday beliefs, values and our lives. We have to use our imagination and our unconscious in order to decode his pictures. For those who don’t want to do that, there is an exceptionally beautiful street masterpiece presented in front of them.

I feel lucky that I got to talk to him about his last street artwork and that he revealed me the keys to understanding the image he created at the Graffiti event:

Let me know what you think it represents (?)
and maybe I will let you know what the artist had in mind when he created this masterpiece! 😉


the squad that creates events for Intrenational Students from Hochschule Augsburg University.


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