MonoType LAB

5 April
Hochschule Augsburg
Manual Printing Creative Lab

We started our class with viewing our final results of the CyanoType LAB.

Photo Foil exposed to
UV Unit on a square textile:
cyano final photo

A few things to notice here is that the material has to be thick and to allow the colouration to take place.
I had tried on other textiles that had a smoother or thinner surface but it DIDN’T WORK as well as with this one.

Difference between exposure to
UV unit and to direct Sunlight:

20170405_140920 negru bunsemn2

UV Exposure Unit – the shape has a strong outer line, a sharp contrast between the original colour of the textile and the cyan-coloured area

Direct Sunlight Exposure allows to play with the contour of the figures.
I found out about it accidentally: the strong wind outside made the cut-outs fly off from the textile, thus two major different outlines can be noticed.

The contour created by direct sunlight is softer and diffused when compared to the one that was created within a few seconds under the artificial UV light exposure unit.


1. Laying a flat path of black paint for offset printing
(with a silicon roller over glass surface)


2. Experimenting with it:

a. creating traces, blank spaces, textures, leaving things between the paint and the paper/textile -> Result: White traces
* flatten the surface of the paper/textile over the paint (with the clear silicon roller) -> Result: white outlines sharper and filled “background”.
b. laying the paper/textile on the paint and scribbling on it -> Result: Black traces
c. leaving traces of things directly by applying the stained object on the paper/textile.


3. Leaving the paper/textile to dry.



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