CyanoType LAB

29 March
Hochschule Augsburg
Manual Printing Creative Lab

In the early morning I got introduced to an awesome huge vintage shop called “Contact” by Carolin, an amazing friend from the Manual Printing Creative Lab.

The purpose of the trip was to get some textile scraps and different pieces of fabrics to later experiment with.
The place is simply a treasure “cave” for an artist!
You can get anything you can imagine there: from tiny pendants to huge items of furniture.


Besides getting a chunk of small pieces of cloths, with significant help from Carolin, I managed to get three German language love poetry collection books. Everything together cost me ONLY 4,50€! I considered myself lucky.

For the lunch we came to our University Design Campus.

about the CyanoType Technique

We printed our prepared photos on transparent foil and started our Cyan experiment on paper and textiles.

cyano workshop

Preparing the photo:

1. Set image size (A4 = 210 x 297 mm / 8.3 x 11.7 in)
2. Image mode – Grayscale (Black & White)
3. Image mode – Bitmap
4. Resolution output minimum 800dpi – 1200dpi, method halftone raster
5. Screen width aprox. 16 to 20 lines / cm, angle 52,5°, shape ellipse

  1. Layed newspapers all over the working space.
  2. Picked our papers/textiles and with a brush applied the cyano paint on those.
  3. Arranged the images over the cyano-soaked materials
  4. Used the UV-exposure unit (A4 or A5) or went outside and exposed the images to the sunlight.
  5. Soaked them in cold water until the yellow paint got off
  6. Layed them on the newspaper-layered system to dry.

cyano images

Dry Results from this Lab can be viewed



Extra emotional stuff:

During lunch, I was outside, in the gaze of the sunlight and surrounded by Carolin’s friends. 
While talking to them, I turned around and noticed Him, the boy from my dreams.
I haven’t seen him in a while and… in my psycho-mind we already got together and also broke up. Yeah, my imagination runs wild sometimes. …Well, most of the times. 😀 
When I saw him my heart was almost getting out of my chest. *deep breath* I imagined us getting closer, but I wasn’t expecting this happening in reality. I was trying to keep myself conscious, not fainting there from the overflow of thoughts, hormones and intense emotional reaction.
He was alone this time – I saw him before only in someone’s company. All in black, hooded and smoking, he just reminds me so much of someone that I knew before. Someone that I cared deeply for, and still do, but we lost ourselves in all this distance from each other.
He waved at me, I smiled. He started to walk towards me. I stood up and walked towards him. He said that I was searching for him.
It is true, indeed. The past week I was inventing so many reasons to talk to him, like getting him to hold a buttered pretzel and then running away. Yeah, so many, none happened, because I didn’t see him.
I said yes and told him that I am looking forward to use the audio recording system. He said about the program they use, some details, finished his cigarette and proposed to come with him to the studio so he can show me how to use the consoles and the software. I was shaking, I took up my stuff in a hurried and chaotic way and we walked together to the room. We talked… I won’t say what because it was mostly technical stuff.
My words won’t describe the amalgam of emotions I was passing through while we were talking.
I knew that my imagination did most of his image, it somehow came to complete the puzzle of mistery of his persona. I knew that I just needed to talk to him so my imagination could rest. I knew that as soon as I will know him better I will loosen my interest. I craved for it. I still can’t believe that actually being next to him happened, it still feels like a dream; like the ones I was having even before meeting him for the first time in reality. He was cute, somehow shy and I could see that he was struggling to speak in English. It motivated me to learn faster the German language, so we could communicate easier. 
I got a call from Carolin and I told him that I need to run, I was late for my Creative Lab. He said he was getting late to his class as well. He took my number and I noted his e-mail.
Later, at midnight, we had a very short e-mail talk.


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