Augsburg Puppet Theatre

29 March
Augsburger Puppenkiste
Puppet Theatre

Augsburg is world famous for its string puppet theatre.
“Augsburger Puppenkiste”

The SWAP team from Hochschule Augsburg organised tickets at a great price: 9,70 €
The play was called ‘Tischlein deck dich‘ (The Wishing-table) of Grimms’ Fairy Tales. ~ 90 min

meaw edit theatre
The play started at 4 in the afternoon but I got there later because of my Cyano – experiments on textiles at Manual Printing Creative Lab. 
Around 5 I was in the room.
Even if I saw only 30 minutes of the play, I was impressed by the quality of scenography set.
I couldn’t take any pictures or videos during the play, but what I saw with my eyes can’t be expressed with a simple image for sure.

The only puppet theatre I have ever been in my life before is the one in my home country, Moldova. There, the puppets are manipulated with wooden sticks from behind.
At Augsburger Puppenkiste they are on strings, I mean, REAL PUPPETS ON STRINGS!… 😀
I remember my professor of theatre history telling me about the beginning of puppet theatre: a small box with marionettes. I felt in a real fairytale, a real theatre on strings. I was so happy.

I don’t know the story-line for the play that was shown:
The Wishing-table – Grimm’s Fairy Tale.
Adding to this, it was in German, and as I know only a little of it, I couldn’t understand much… and I got there an hour later. 😀

So, it was very funny and unusual to see a puppet saying something and then a big flying chicken leg beating other puppets… And after that, all of them laughing together.
Also there was a really beautiful, tiny mouse. It had an amusing high-pitched voice and everyone loved it, judging by the reaction of the public. There was a donkey that was pooping and spitting some coins. I felt bad for him, I think it must be very painful to do that. There was a table-cover that was flying into the scenes, always full of tasty food.

The set changed each 5 minutes or so, while the curtain was closed.
The colours harmonized beautifully within the scenes. The light system was impressive, everything looked Perfect!

I liked it and had fun afterwards when was discussing the play and what I saw versus what actually happened and what was the meaning of it.


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