Pinakothek der Moderne – München

28 March
Pinakothek der Moderne
München (Munich), Bavaria

Contemporary Art & Design group from Hochschule Augsburg, with our tutor Angela Opel organised a trip to München to see Pinakotek der Moderne – the biggest museum of modern Art in Germany.


After buying the Bayern Tickets,
the University would reimburse the cost of travel.
Since we were 11 travellers, we split up in 3 groups.
I was in a group 5 and there were another 2 groups of 3.

Bayern Ticket allows up to 5 adults travelling together to use unlimited all regional trains in Bavaria for one day.

Regional trains are all trains with the designating letters RB, RE, IRE, ALX, S-Bahn, BOB (Bayerische Oberlandbahn), M (Meridian). Note: Use of high-speed and long-distance trains with the designating letters IC, EC, ICE, D, RJ, TGV and night trains (designating letters CNL, EN) is not allowed.
Additionally the ticket allows the use of the underground trains (U-Bahn), suburban trains (S-Bahn), trams and public buses in Munich and other Bavarian cities and of almost all public regional bus services beyond Munich (RVO, SEV).


Mon – Fri = 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. next day (18 h)
Weekend + public holidays = midnight to 3 a.m. next day (27 h) 
Price of the Bayern-Ticket 1 traveller EUR 25,-*,
for every person more additionally EUR 6,- (max. 5 adults)

valid for 1 person EUR 25,-*
valid for 2 persons EUR 31,-*
valid for 3 persons EUR 37,-*
valid for 4 persons EUR 43,-*
valid for 5 persons EUR 49,-*

Bayern-Ticket-Night = 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.
1 traveller EUR 23,-*, for every person more additionally EUR 3,- (max. 5 adults) 

The train that we were required to take was the one at 9 in the morning.
We agreed to meet up at 8:30 at the Train Station.
We have 3 of them in Augsburg. As usual I got to the central one and then had to run to get to Haunstetterstraße Station where the other guys were. Luckily I got just in time and we got together. There were another two persons that were in another department of the train, and because the first class was situated in the middle and we couldn’t walk through it, they had to get out at one of the stations and run to where most of us were.

In about an hour we got to München. We took the bus 100 (Museenlinie) and got to the .

With four major museums under one roof, the PINAKOTHEK DER MODERNE is one of the largest museums in the world for art, architecture and design of the 20th and 21st centuries. The architecture of the spacious building with the glass-roofed rotunda invites visitors to explore links between the museums and gain new and surprising insights. Exhibitions and events from a variety of cultural fields complete the interdisciplinary agenda.

–, 2017

We left our bags in the lockers and started our tour within the museum

Various art movements of the 20th century are represented in the collection, including Expressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, New Objectivity, Bauhaus, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art and Minimal Art.


(Architecture exhibition was closed for renovations)


♡  – Audi Wall car driving into the mirror, “We are a company of engineers, not designers.”



Classical Modernism since the 1900s – , West Wing

Artist Groups:
Die Brücke (The bridge)
Der Blaue Reiter (The blue rider)
Georges Braque
Fernand Léger
Juan Gris
Umberto Boccioni
Robert Delaunay
Joan Miró
René Magritte
Lyonel Feininger
Oskar Kokoschka
László Moholy-Nagy
Otto Dix
Max Ernst
Giorgio de Chirico
Salvador Dalí
Francis Bacon
Pablo Picasso
Max Beckmann
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Erich Heckel
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff
Emil Nolde
Franz Marc
August Macke
Paul Klee
Alexej von Jawlensky
Wassily Kandinsky

… and many more

Contemporary Art since the 1960s – , East Wing

Lucio Fontana
Alberto Burri
Jannis Kounellis
Andy Warhol
Jasper Johns
Robert Rauschenberg
Robert Motherwell
Franz Kline
Antoni Tàpies
Cy Twombly
Willem de Kooning
George Segal
Richard Serra
Dan Flavin
Donald Judd
Fred Sandback
Joseph Beuys
Blinky Palermo
Henry Moore
Marino Marini
Per Kirkeby
Georg Baselitz
Gerhard Richter
Sigmar Polke
Nam June Paik
Wolf Vostell
Bruce Nauman
Marlene Dumas
Günther Förg
Jörg Immendorff
Mike Kelley
Martin Kippenberger
David Salle
Rosemarie Trockel
David Hockney
Hermann Nitsch

… and many more

We had a lunch break and I went outside to get something to eat.

click here for the

F U L L   I M A G E   G A L L E R Y

♡  – Questions: When, Where, What, Materials, Shape, Lines, Meaning, Texture, How, Colours, Audience, Space, Aesthetics, Harmonz, Balance, Proportions, Patterns, Meanings, Subjective vs Objective.

♡  – Idea: Relate your work to the world situation (actual, real situation event(s)); Add interaction, audience relation to your work.

♡  – Max Ernst Totem und Tabu 1941 = dualism between darkness and light.
♡  – Franz Marc Tirol 1914 = noticing the details + the “Apocalptic Woman”
♡  – August Macke Mädchen unter Bäumen 1914 = different perspectives, similar to camera angle.
♡  – Wolfgang Laib Metzingen Blütenstaub von Kiefern 1983-1986 = pollen from pine trees, collected within 3 years. Flies leave traces on the work. Reacts to each movement within the building – disperses.
♡  – Andy Warhol Aids/Jeep/Bicycle 1985-1986 = inspired by catalogues; FU – fun, future, funeral, fuck ; delivered the situation, feeling of middle 80’s.
♡  – John Chamberlain Acme Thunder 1989 = massive sculpture from bits of car case ~ similar to Gothic Madonna’s
♡  – Yvonne Leinfelden Yoma 2005 = Rabbit Reaction to moving images.
Animals rely on their smell sensory detection. Would the animal react in the same way to everything if the smell is removed?

Tone Vigeland. Jewelry – Object – Sculpture
11.03.2017  ‐  11.06.2017

Scandinavian studio jewelry is quite inconceivable without her and her work of art. Already in the early 1960s, Tone Vigeland’s jewelry featured regularly in what are today considered legendary exhibitions and publications, for example, in the 1961 “International Exhibition of Modern Jewellery” at Goldsmiths Hall London, which first presented to the public the emerging studio jewelry movement.


Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum is one of the oldest design museum in the world.

The original idea for the museum arose out of the Deutscher Werkbund in 1907. In 1925, the museum was officialy granted status as a public museum. From the outset, the museum sought to distinguish itself from already existing museums for applied arts or arts and crafts by firmly dedicating itself to the modernism of its time and, consequently, to contemporary design. Even today, this founding vision continues to shape Die Neue Sammlung’s agenda. With over 100.000 objects, Die Neue Sammlung ranks among the largest design collections in the world. In the fields of product design and industrial design, Die Neue Sammlung’s collection is regarded as being the most comprehensive worldwide.

Design vision

Vehicle Design / Mobility

Art Nouveau, Deutscher Werkbund, De Stijl:
Behrens, Riemerschmid, Baille Scott, van de Velde, Rietveld

Computer Culture

Bauhaus, Art Deco:
Breuer, Mies van der Rohe, Gray, Ruhlmann, Le Corbusier, Chareau, Frankl, Teague

Post 1945 –
USA, Scandinavia, France:
Eames, Noguchi, Jacobsen, Wegner, Panton, Prouve, Perriand

Design models: Sacchi, Bentwood, Plywood: Thonet, Hoffmann, Moser, Aalto, Breuer, Summers, Uanagi, Jalk, Frank

The 1960s &  1970s – Germany, Italy:
Eiermann, Rams, Colani, Wilp, Castiglioni, Colombo, Sottsass, Gugelot, Maurer, Bellini

Dawn of Modernism:
Godwin, Wright, Mackintosh, Dresser 

♡  – The cone, cube, sphere are the ornaments of tomorrow
♡  –
Robert Mallet-Stevens Tee und Kaffee service 1930 = introducing in the design things that you’re interested.
♡  – The collection of chairs of Michael Thonet 
= Bending wood with steam; Screws instead of glue (saving space and ease of transportation)

Sub – B A S E M E N T – Danner Rotunde
Collection of Jewelry

The Danner Rotunda forms a central core in which exhibits more than one hundred jewelry artists from around the world. The Collection is curated by Otto Künzli.

♡  – Flipdot Messagewal = interesting and catchy; ~ similar to a led
♡  –
Ideas and Interior Design of Future: Growing plants indoor and controlling their growth.
♡  – Ani Albos = What is jewelry? Does it have to be expensive, certain material, simbols? Modern jewelry?
♡  – KINETIK JEWERLY, interactive.

We got back home, in Augsburg at 3 in the afternoon.

REFERENCES: (2017). About us | DIE PINAKOTHEKEN. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Mar. 2017].

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