Wednesday’s Creative Labs

22 March
Hochschule Augsburg

– VisCom

During this class we got small notebooks where we had to make fast sketches from the images selected and projected by our tutor Jürgen Hefele. The time limit and method was setted by him as well. It was a great exercise. Even if at the begging I wasn’t very sure about what I am doing because of lack of various materials to draw with (I was using a thick black marker given by my tutor and a pen that I had with me). 


… – left hand – technical – lines only – look 1 minute, draw from memory – as many details as you can – same image less details, in 3 minutes – same image in 1 minute – very quick sketch – draw with closed eyes – …

After this we had to stick all the images we altered at home ourselves and stick them to the wall. For me it was amazing to realise that everyone did their homework, and they did it good, great even, a level that I would like to compete with. I liked that this made me want to work more and harder on achieving a better result.


We discussed each of them and then we had to decide what certain images can be used as – book cover, poster, etc.

Then we got an example of the homework for the next class: the same slightly altered image with 10 different purposes. The chalk on the board drawings are in regards to a photo with skyscrapers that are covering the skies.

After this exercises I felt it was easier to express myself, faster at drawing representations of different things, better at proportioning and deciding the best view or shot on the digital camera.

– Manual Printing –

We got introduced to the work of Luise Burgeois.
After watching a movie (luckily in English) about her life and creations we discussed it.
During the film I took the following notices:

♡  – Childhood: sculpting bread – an escape from listening to something you don’t want to hear (her father).
♡  – Subject: Being afraid of Being afraid.
♡  – 
Being born in a family where a son was expected
♡  – 
Thought: spider web as bondages; How we give meanings to things?; Re-create spaces, emotional ambiances that you experienced -> into art; Draw when you can’t fall asleep
♡  – 
“Don’t ask ME what I see in a piece of my art, you should tell me what YOU see”
The work of art doesn’t have anything to do with an artist – it must stand alone.
♡  – 
“I have never been working for success, I have been working for pleasure”

Later we got introduced to the new technique that we would practice the next Wednesday – Cyano Typing.


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