SCHWARZE NACHT – Melodrom, Kaufbeuren

18 March
S c h w a r z e   N a c h t
Magic of Light and Sound


On 18th of March there was organised Hochschule Semester Opening Party. I felt more comfortable sitting at home and was sure that I won’t go out that night.

That was until, by pure coincidence I wrote to my friend from Manual Printing Creative Lab, Anna, asking about our homework.

The temptation to change my plans and actually go out that night was growing, as she was convincing me to join her and her best friend to a Gothic Party.

I was afraid of things that could go wrong. I never been to such an event but for sure The Gothic Party sounded better than the Semester Opening Party.
I decided to start getting ready for the event, and if at the end of my “ritual” I won’t feel like going, then I won’t go.

It would be my first Gothic Party and I’m in Germany!
My excitement grew and soon enough I forgot all my worries and fears and took a tram to get to Anna’s house. There, I met Eva, her friend who drove us in her car all the way to the nightclub. It was pure happiness running through my veins. I couldn’t believe that I am there, in her car, riding through the night-time Germany, being part of something so special. I never experienced such an open talk between girls, without taboo’s, without judgements, with a very funny and ironical attitude. Girls do want sex, even more than guys suppose. Girls want adventures and craziness, they expect that, they look forward to that.

The entrance fee was 5€. I was relieved and grateful that girls didn’t go there to get drunk, they wanted to dance and have fun. We bought our drinks and went into the room where was the party.

Melodrom, the nightclub, is impressive. They divide each party in two parts: there is a thematical movie from 20:30 to 23:00, a short laser show and later the music and dancing.

The theme for that night was Vampires.
We got there in time to catch a glimpse of the movie “From Dusk Till Dawn”. Watching it dubbed in German Language was unusual, as I saw it in Russian before. The actors were looking totally different. It is amazing to realise that the sound is that powerful.

The laser show – speechless. To see it is better than to tell about it. My humble worlds won’t describe the amalgam of emotions that were raised inside me while gazing the dance of laser beams.

The dancing music:
FuturePop – DarkWave – ColdWave – EBM – Gothic – Classix – Dark Electro – NDH, with DJ Jochen

I was told that in this place, they have a specific dance line: 4 steps forward and 4 steps back.
Later, I saw that people dance however they want, even if it is seen as something odd.
I enjoyed myself. I felt free, beautiful and happy.

I even got to play my first time in Table Football and it was great. So great that I was asked to keep myself quieter, as I was super-mega-happy for each of our mini-win. We also took some photos in the photo-booth.

Anna was looking like an Amazonian warrior, her back was always straight, so beautiful!  Eva was mega sexy. I don’t know the reason why but I always felt her vibe so warm, so familiar, she felt like a sister for me. I was protected.

I met a girl of 16 years old. She said that she likes my hair and took a selfie with me.

Before leaving, I asked a guy for his name and it turned out to be someone that Eva knew. It was a funny situation. Even funnier because he had a similar name to mine.

Each of us got home safe. It was an amazing night!


“Melodrom – The magic of Light & Sound” says on their website.
After viewing the spectacular laser show and dancing with the light, I can say that there is magic in that place and I love the idea of combining “Kino, Konzert, Party & Lasershow”.   

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