Info-graphics and Choir – Hochschule

16 March
Hochschule Augsburg
Info-Graphics Design Project


The Project Introduction started at 8:00 on the 16th of March.

We were presented the three major companies that we will collaborate with during our course:

  • Creative Code & Content
  • BVG – Berlin Public Transport
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung

♡  – Decide what you want to say.
♡  –
Research and stick with the facts.

After a short break our tutor, Michael Stoll asked us to draw a visual presentation of ourselves through an information graphic.

During my lunch, I approached the group where the person from my dreams was and introduced myself to him. When I said my name and he was looking directly at me, in my eyes, everything felt so unreal. He said his name and then we touched our hands. I have no idea what he was thinking nor what he was feeling in that moment, but my whole world stopped. His gaze was warming me, like the sun at the sunset. He said something, I said something, I barely remember what, the only thing that was crossing my mind was that I know his name now and that I have said my name to him. Maybe he forgot it in the same second, but all day afterwards I could see his face looking at me. ❤

I had another two hours until the choir-class would start so I decided that I will spend them reading in the University’s “garden”. The book is called “Star Maker” by Olaf Stapledon. In a certain moment I noticed a tiny beautiful black spider “walking” through the pages of the novel. I lowered the book and let him free on the green grass. I smiled and wished him good luck.

After a while I felt that I am uncomfortable and that it was too sunny. Instead of focusing on the world created by my novel, I decided to meditate.
It was relaxing: hearing students laughing and talking in German, hearing birds singing and feeling the bright light of the sun covering me like a blanket. My thoughts flew through me.

When I opened my eyes there were two long strips of spider-web along the both sides of my head. Instantly I remembered that a person dear to my heart, that is into esoteric, told me once that this is a sign of blessing from a goddess. I felt like I am supposed to be where I am now and that I have many things to experience in the future. For me, it felt like a support – “pat on my head” – from nature. I was happy and harmonised.

Later, around 5 in the afternoon, I went to the Main Campus for my first class of Choir.
I saw a group that were looking very comfy and friendly, sitting in a circle on the grass near the building. I found out that they are from Choir as well and got to have a great talk with them. It was fun.

The Choir was beyond my expectations, the tutor – a genius. His name is Tobias Reinsch. My friends even showed me a book that he published. There were long songs and many of them – none of them known or even heard before by me, but I was helped by the girls next to me to get the right notes and patterns. I loved it.

When the choir finished we went to a local pub, where the guys are regular customers. I had a red wine and some nuts, because that was the only vegan “food” over there. We laughed a lot at me trying to repeat German words and phrases. I promised  to learn a German Rap song. I enjoyed that I got accepted in their group.

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