First Meeting – Faculty of Design Hochschule Augsburg

14 March
First meeting – Faculty of Design
Hochschule Augsburg



We got introduced to the choices we have to pick for our projects, creative labs and other classes.

DSC000023There was a person that got my attention specifically. I have no explanation for the reason it happened, just his presence made me tremble and I found a strong motivation to guarantee my attendance at the University 😀 .

Because I didn’t actually introduce myself nor asked that person for his name – the situation got even more mysterious and intriguing.

After the welcome part we had been introduced to the MENSA –  the University’s Canteen.
You transfer money on your Student Campus Card and then you pay with it for your food and drinks.


Being Vegan, my choices are limited.

At Mensa I can have a salad. There are many departments with different salad ingredients that you can mix afterwards. You get charged by it’s weight. 100 gr = 0,80 €
I can also have some fries or boiled vegetables.
They update the menu every week and students have free access to it online.

The Cafeteria has an amazing Veganer Brezel (Vegan Pretzel) – so delicious! It costs 2,65 €.
They also got a good collection of Teas. The hot water costs 10 cents and the tea packet 50 cents. I thought about bringing my own teabags, so I would have less expenses.

♡ What I love about this place, is that you can take your tray and eat outside. 

Below is a preview of some of the amazing Hochschule – Fakultät für Gestaltung views.

hs inter 2


click here for the

F U L L   I M A G E   G A L L E R Y

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