Top Floor Terrace – PARTY

12 March

17192434_1264802756937299_3129979760072976998_oParty on the 19th floor
of Lechbrücke!

On 12th of March we had an Welcome party for all International Students.
It was a pre-drinking event on the top floor of Lechbrücke – the student accommodation where I am living at the moment. The purpose is to have fun, get to know more people and later go out together and dance at a local night club – Ostwerk.

19’th floor of Lechbrücke is a very popular place for student organised events.
There is a party every week!

The main room – “under-roof terrace” –  was crowded, steamy and you barely could find anyone, but the positive part of this was the possibility to make acquaintances in an informal atmosphere. It had chairs, some tables and the table football game.
I found myself comfortable next to the sound system: had my own space and the presence of people around me made me feel secure and protected in a way.

output_Kj7aAgThere is also an outside area. It had the lock for the door of the “security-cage”, so no one will decide that it’s the time to fly.

The moon was full, bright and beautiful. I found it very calming, comforting – looking at the moon while trying to escape the choking atmosphere from the main room.

During the party I bought one beer, German BEER, and got very dizzy so didn’t join my friends to the part for the dancing in the club part . Ha-ha… and I’m meant to be able to drink pure vodka every day and not get wasted judging by where I am coming from (Moldova).

Instead I got to my room and stayed up for another 2 hours, browsing the internet and not understanding anything – the room was spinning. 😀

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