Augsburg Student Exchange – Arrival

6 March –  a r r i v a l

20170303_181210Emptying the room from London was a very hard task to do, I never imagined I have so
much stuff… Thinking about it makes me question my non-materialism and the possibility to travel. How many things do I actually need? How to decide?

My initial plan was to book a storage space in London… but it turned out to be much more expensive than I expected and it would’ve milked my finances weekly.

In the end I divided everything I had in different parts:

1. I sent to my parents, in Moldova (mostly clothes =47kg)
2. I left at my friend`s house (heavier things, needed for when I will come back to London =~80kg)
3. Left to be picked up later by a friend (3 bags, things to be used)
4. Took with me (things I will need instantly to use when I arrive in Augsburg =10,9kg +30,2kg +4kg)
5. Sent to myself (a parcel with things I will need in Augburg, =~40kg)
6. Binned: a good part of my stuff was surprisingly discovered as not longer needed or capable for re-use.

On the 6th of March, I had the coach at 3:30 from Victoria Station.
Arrived at the Gatwick Airport at nearly 4:50 and went straight to the bag drop. As I prepaid a bag weighting 26kg and mine was 30,2, I had to check in the smaller one (intended to be cabin luggage) and to pay another 35 pounds for the heavier one.

After it, I met up with Nainasara Thada Magar (Naina).
She is my uni-mate with the: same course at London University of Arts, same exchange programme, same flight, same accommodation in Augsburg.
We went through the security. A handsome guy in uniform told me I have an infectious laugh.

The flight – London Gatwick 6:20 – Munich 9:15 (~2h) – was short for me as I slept most of the time. Even if I was in the pre-last seating row, I got to be next to the window;


Passing the Passport and Security check there was a note that looke1lxmqnd like: BURGER CITIZEN (Original sign Bürger/Citizen).

We bought tickets for the S8 from Munich Airport to Munich
Hbf (Central Station). =11,20€/person.

Then we took the RB train to Augsburg Hbf (Central Station). =13€/person


Mammendorf Station => Mamma-dworf
+ They have a Station called “KISSING” = how nice would be to kiss at the kissing station :*

As the “check-in” for our room was at 3pm, and it was only midday we had lunch at the station.  After that we took a taxi to the accommodation = 11,30 € /2 person (Me + Naina) = 5,65 €/person.


Each of us got 2 sets of 3 keys: room, safe & storage space.


Aldi and D&M ~ 50€

Me and Naina went shopping and then separated to arrange the rooms.

Later she visited me and we had a plan about what to do the next day: Cable for network delivery and some IKEA shopping.

My night ended with the most pleasant and longest shower and this view:

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